July 2022



Rainfall forecast
  • Wetter than usual conditions are expected over south-western, central and northern Ethiopia, Djibouti, western Kenya, part of central Somalia, central to northern Uganda, much of South Sudan, western and eastern Sudan.
  • Average conditions are expected over few areas in north western South Sudan, central to south-eastern Sudan, a small part over western Ethiopia, and coastal Kenya.
  • Northern areas of Sudan, much of Kenya, south-eastern Ethiopia, central to northern Somalia Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and southern parts of Uganda are generally dry during this month.
Temperature forecast
  • Warmer than normal conditions are expected over northern Sudan, central to southern Ethiopia, central to southern Somalia, much of Kenya, north-eastern and eastern Tanzania.
  • Average temperature conditions are expected over central Sudan, south-eastern Ethiopia, much of South Sudan and Uganda, parts of western Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, parts of western and southern Tanzania.
  • Cooler than normal conditions are expected over northern and parts of western Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, northern Somalia, western Tanzania, eastern South Sudan and much of Sudan.