Dry Matter Productivity - (DMP)

The Dry Matter Productivity (DMP) products represents the overall growth rate or dry biomass increase of the vegetation and is directly related to ecosystem Net Primary Productivity (NPP), however with units customized for agro-statistical purposes (kg/ha/day) (in kgDM/ha/day).

DMP is used for crop monitoring, yield forecasting and carbon sequestration / Net Primary Productivity (NPP)


Since 01-01-2014
Spatial Resolution 1 km
Temporal Resolution 10 Days, Monthly
Extent Eastern Africa
Format Geotiff
Source GMES

Derived Products

Derived sub-product Description Available
dmp 10day dmp since 1/1/2014
10davg Statistic: multi-years average for each dekad 36 dekads
10dmin Statistic: multi-years minimum for each dekad 36 dekads
10dmax Statistic: multi-years maximum for each dekad 36 dekads
10ddiff Anomaly: ABSOLUTE DIFFERENCE (10d – 10davg) since 1/1/2014
10dperc Anomaly: RELATIVE DIFFERENCE % ((10d –10davg)/10davg) since 1/1/2014
10dratio Anomaly: RELATIVE RATIO to LTA % (10d/10davg) since 1/1/2014