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ICPAC hosts a number of projects that help us provide better climate services and support national meteorological departments improve their service delivery.

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GMES and Africa
GMES and Africa In Progress
Global Monitoring for Environment and Security and Africa

Observing our planet from space offers an unprecedented opportunity to monitor changes on the earth surface. Space technology allows us identify patterns over time, understand trends and monitor our planet to better manage, conserve and …

March 2022 - October 2025 Read More
ClimSA In Progress
Intra-ACP Climate Services and Related Applications

The Eastern Africa region has a highly variable climate and is prone to climate extremes such as droughts and floods that exacerbate food and water insecurity. Reliable and timely regional climate information, including current and …

January 2020 - December 2024 Read More
CONFER In Progress
Co-production of Climate Services for East Africa

CONFER is a multi-national collaboration to bolster resilience to climate impacts and reduce disaster risk in East Africa. The main goal of the project is to co-develop dedicated climate services for the water, energy and …

September 2020 - September 2024 Read More
Down2Earth In Progress
Translation of climate information into multi-level decision support for community-level adaptation, policy development, and long-term resilience to water scarcity in East African drylands

The main goal of the project is to address the multi-faceted challenges of water scarcity and food insecurity under climate change in the Horn of Africa Drylands, by facilitating community-centered adaptation and resilience to climate …

September 2020 - August 2024 Read More
RLACC II In Progress
Rural Livelihoods’ Adaptation to Climate Change in the Horn of Africa Phase II

The Somalia National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) identified different climatic and non-climatic factors that have weakened people’s ability to adapt to climate change. The project supports the Somali government in meeting some of the …

May 2019 - May 2023 Read More
ACREI In Progress
The Agricultural Climate Resilience Enhancement Initiative

Rural communities in arid and semi-arid regions have limited access to information, technical support and financing to adapt to climate change. Their coping capacity to local climate variability and predictions is thus very limited. ACREI …

January 2019 - April 2023 Read More