GMES and Africa

Global Monitoring for Environment and Security and Africa

Earth Observation for the Africa we want

Observing our planet from space offers an unprecedented opportunity to monitor changes on the earth surface. Space technology allows us identify patterns over time, understand trends and monitor our planet to better manage, conserve and adapt to our changing environment.

GMES & Africa - ICPAC supports East African countries to use Earth Observation (EO) data and technologies to monitor natural resources and food security.

Our Areas of Work

Developing Earth Observation based applications to monitor our changing environment

  • Land cover changes within and around Protected Areas and Forests
  • Tropical forest ecosystem dynamics: forest degradation, forest regeneration and deforestation
  • Crop conditions as the season progresses
  • Pasture conditions assessment per season within rangelands to support livestock farming and within the Protected Areas for wildlife
  • Fires

Improving availability and access to EO data

Ensuring continuous availability of EO data and technical support for troubleshooting and maintaining the 33 satellite receiving stations.

Monitoring Protected Areas and Forests

Providing decision makers information and tools needed for sustainable policies at regional, national and hotspot level.

Monitoring Agriculture and Rangelands

Monitoring seasonal cropland and rangeland conditions using satellite derived indicators and added field information to deliver users with early warning information in agriculture that enhances food security in the region.

Training and Capacity building

Enhancing capacity for decision making by providing training in access, processing, analysis and interpretation of EO data and EO products.

Latest News

Desert Locust Prediction 16-30 May
Desert Locust Prediction 16-30 May
Alerts and Early Warning 17 May 2020

Desert Locust Prediction 16-30 April
Desert Locust Prediction 16-30 April
Alerts and Early Warning 16 Apr 2020

Desert Locust Prediction 15-25 March
Desert Locust Prediction 15-25 March
Alerts and Early Warning 20 Mar 2020

Latest Updates

Climate change and locust outbreak in East Africa
Climate change and locust outbreak in East Africa

From the end of 2019 to early 2020, a desert locust (Schistocerca gregaria) outbreak across several…