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Press Release
Press Release
March to May 2024 Seasonal Forecast: Wetter than normal Conditions Predicted for most parts of the Greater Horn of Africa


21st February 2024, Kampala, Uganda: The IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC) released the March to May 2024 seasonal forecast which indicates a higher probability of wetter-than-normal conditions across most parts of the …

21 Feb 2024 Read More
Project Update
Project Update
Advancing Africa's Future: GMES & Africa's Commitment to Earth Observation and Sustainable Development


In the field of Earth Observation (EO), GMES & Africa stands as an epitome of progress, actively shaping a future where African institutions are empowered with essential resources for sustainable growth. The initiative's Pan-African mandate …

24 Nov 2023 Read More
Re-engineering the Greater Horn of Africa Climate Outlook Forums (GHACOFs)

By Melissa Ouya


This year, the IGAD Climate Prediction and Application Center (ICPAC) celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Greater Horn of Africa Climate Outlook Forums (GHACOF). Throughout sixty-five successful forums, GHACOF has played …

07 Nov 2023 Read More
Harnessing CONFER’s co-production experiences and opportunities


By Alexia Kioko

As the regional user interface platform takes shape, it is essential to reconsider the selection of participants for our regional forecast forums, as their input plays a pivotal role in the planning …

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Project Update
Project Update
GMES & Africa on-the-job-training on forest monitoring and land degradation


During the week of 23rd-26th October 2023, the Joint Research Centre (JRC), RCMRD, and ICPAC conducted an on-the-job training at ICPAC (Nairobi) on Forest Monitoring and Land Degradation. This training is part of a series …

01 Nov 2023 Read More
Project Update
Project Update
The start of the rainy season, was it?


By Alexia Kioko and Melissa Ouya

The onset in East Africa marks the eagerly anticipated transition from the dry season to the wet season, heralding a dramatic transformation in the region's landscape and livelihoods. Typically …

25 Oct 2023 Read More