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Meet Generation Restoration: The Earth Champions leading the way in the construction of the Africa we want

Amina Idan Paul, Djibouti

Photo Amina IDAN PAUL.jpg

My name is Amina Idan Paul, I am an environmental activist and the creator of the environmental movement called « Ecolo à Djibouti » who seeks to protect environment in Djibouti …

16 Jun 2021 Read More
Agriculture and Food Security in Africa: Why are Youth Not at the Forefront?

By Doreen Nanyonga

With contributions from the ICPAC Climate Change Technical Working Group

youth in agriculture

© Cornelia Li

A video has recently been circulating on social media of a young lady protesting the portrayal of youth (or …

15 Jun 2021 Read More
Press Release
Press Release
Wetter than usual season is expected over the northern part of the region

27th of May 2021, The upcoming rainfall season, June to September is an important rainfall season for Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan, and Uganda. For some of these countries it is the main farming …

28 May 2021 Read More
Project Update
Project Update
Zoom Mashinani

The word ‘Mashinani’ refers to grassroots in Kiswahili, Zoom, at the grassroots is an approach undertaken by the local media in Taita Taveta supported by ACREI partners and communities. Zoom Mashinani seeks to empower farmers …

30 Apr 2021 Read More
Climate Action Awards East Africa


Why now?

This regional Climate Action Awards aim at giving visibility to local mitigation and adaptation solutions from Eastern Africa. In a context of a global Climate Emergency, there is a need to give visibility …

26 Apr 2021 Read More
10 Climate Change impacts in East Africa you didn’t know about


Fighting Locust Invasion in East Africa. Source: Luis Tato

Africa, which contributes only 3.6% of the total global emissions, is disproportionately affected by the impacts of climate change. In this article, we highlight 10 impacts …

07 Apr 2021 Read More