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Eastern Africa’s Invisible Resource: Groundwater

Ethiopia accessing groundwater

British Geological Survey ©UKRI: A community in Ethiopia accessing groundwater

Eastern Africa is home to a rapidly growing population of over 251 million people. A great part of the region is composed of arid and …

22 Mar 2022 Read More
Press Release
Press Release
ICPAC Becomes the 62nd Member of the Risk-informed Early Action Partnership

09 March 2022, Nairobi - Kenya: ICPAC, the IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre, has formally joined REAP (the Risk-informed Early Action Partnership), a global initiative that brings together key actors across the climate, …

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Media Advisory
Media Advisory
ICPAC and BBC Media Action offer journalists a chance to boost climate action in East Africa


The  Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)  proposes a simple and solutions-oriented approach to  complex climate issues. The course was designed for journalists and editors in Eastern Africa to engage in solutions journalism, by improving their …

17 Feb 2022 Read More
Press Release
Press Release
March to May 2022 forecast shows higher chances of a strong rainy season, but stakeholders should still prepare for worst case scenarios

17 February 2022, Mombasa (Kenya) - After almost two years of persistent drought conditions, IGAD’S Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC) today announced that heavy rains could fall over East Africa in the next three …

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Preparing for disaster and preventing deaths with early warning systems


By Kristine Skarsvåg

East Africa is experiencing increasingly frequent weather extremes in several areas of the region. How can improved early warning systems help prepare for these kinds of extremes, and, most importantly, prevent deaths? …

01 Feb 2022 Read More
Climate and Security Nexus in Eastern Africa

Security and Climate.jpg


By Dr. Linda Ogallo

With contributions from the ICPAC Climate Change Technical Working Group.

In December 2021, the United Nations Council failed to adopt a resolution that would have seen the …

31 Jan 2022 Read More