Fractional Vegetation Cover - (fCover)

The Fraction of Vegetation Cover (fCover) corresponds to the fraction of ground covered by green vegetation. fCover quantifies the spatial extent of the vegetation. Because it is independent from the illumination direction and it is sensitive to the vegetation amount,

fCover is a good candidate for the replacement of classical vegetation indices for the monitoring of ecosystems. fCover varies from 0 (bare soil) to 1 (full cover). Its inter-annual variations allow monitoring the land-use changes


Since 21-05-2014
Spatial Resolution 1 km
Temporal Resolution 10 Days, Monthly
Extent Eastern Africa
Format Geotiff
Source JRC via MESA Station

Derived Products

Derived sub-product Description Available
fCover 10day fCover since 21/5/2014
10davg Statistic: multi-years average for each dekad 36 dekads
10dmin Statistic: multi-years minimum for each dekad 36 dekads
10dmax Statistic: multi-years maximum for each dekad 36 dekads
10ddiff Anomaly: ABSOLUTE DIFFERENCE (10d – 10davg) since 21/5/2014
10dperc Anomaly: RELATIVE DIFFERENCE % ((10d – 10davg)/10davg) since 21/5/2014
10dratio Anomaly: RELATIVE RATIO to LTA % (10d/10davg) since 21/5/2014