Land Surface Temperature - (LST)

LST is the radiative skin temperature (in degree Kelvin) over land. It plays an important role in the physics of land surface as it is involved in the processes of energy and water exchange with the atmosphere.

LST values are of special interest for meteorology, hydrology, agrometeorology, climatology and environmental studies.


Since 01-05-2015
Spatial Resolution 3 km
Temporal Resolution Daily, 10 Days
Extent Africa
Format Geotiff
Source JRC via MESA Station

Derived Products

Derived sub-product Description Available
10d15min Statistics (15min max over 10 days) since 1/5/2015
1dmax Indicator: LST maximum over 1 day since 1/5/2015
10dmax Indicator: LST maximum over 10 day since 1/5/2015
10dmin Indicator: LST minimum over 10 day since 1/5/2015