Normalized Difference Vegetation Index - (NDVI)

The Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) can be used to measure and monitor plant growth, vegetation cover, and biomass production. It is a dimensionless variable.

The values vary between -1 and 1. Increasing positive NDVI values indicate increasing amounts of green vegetation. Moderate values represent shrub and grassland (0.2 to 0.3), while high values indicate temperate and tropical rainforests (0.6 to 0.8). NDVI values near zero and decreasing negative values indicate nonvegetated features such as barren surfaces (rock and soil) and water, snow, ice, and clouds.


Since 01-04-1998
Spatial Resolution 1 km
Temporal Resolution 10 Days
Extent Eastern Africa
Format Geotiff
Source GMES

Derived Products

Derived sub-product Description Available
ndvi-linearx2 Filtered NDVI (linear filtering applied twice) since 1/1/2011
10davg-linearx2 Statistic: AVG of ndvi-linearx2 36 dekads
10dmin-linearx2 Statistic: MIN of ndvi-linearx2 36 dekads
10dmax-linearx2 Statistic: MAX of ndvi-linearx2 36 dekads
10dmed-linearx2 Statistic: MED of ndvi-linearx2 36 dekads
10dstd-linearx2 Statistic: MED of ndvi-linearx2 since 1/1/2011
10ddiff-linearx2 Anomaly: DIF of ndvi-linearx2 since 1/1/2011
10dsndvi-linearx2 Anomaly: SNDVI of ndvi-linearx2 since 1/1/2011
10dperc-linearx2 Anomaly: PERC of ndvi-linearx2 since 1/1/2011
linearx2difflinearx2 Anomaly: Absolute Difference (ndvi-linearx2 -10davglinearx2) since 1/1/2011
vci-linearx2 Anomaly: VCI (linearx2 vs. linearx2 statistics) since 1/1/2011
icn-linearx2 Anomaly: ICN (linearx2 vs. linearx2 statistics) since 1/1/2011
ratio-linearx2 Anomaly: Ratio (100 * ndvi-linearx2/10davg-linearx2) since 1/1/2011
monndvi I ndicator: monthly NDVI (from ndvi-linearx2) since 1/1/2011
1monavg Statistic: monthly multi-year average NDVI (from ndvilinearx2) 12 months
1monmin Statistic: monthly multi-year min NDVI (from ndvi-linearx2) 12 months
1monmax Statistic: monthly multi-year max NDVI (from ndvilinearx2) 12 months
1monicn Statistic: monthly std NDVI (from ndvi-linearx2) since 1/1/2011
1monvci Statistic: monthly VCI NDVI (from ndvi-linearx2) since 1/1/2011
1monstd Statistic: monthly std NDVI (from ndvi-linearx2) since 1/1/2011
1mondiff Anomaly: monthly diff NDVI (from ndvi-linearx2) since 1/1/2011
1monperc Anomaly: monthly perc NDVI (from ndvi-linearx2) since 1/1/2011
1monsndvi Anomaly: monthly SNDVI (from ndvi-linearx2) since 1/1/2011
monthly-ratio Anomaly: monthly ratio (100*monndvi/1monavg) since 1/1/2011
ndvi-linearx1 Filtered NDVI (linear filtering) since 1/1/2011
year-min-linearx2 Statistic: ndvi-linearx2 minimum over every year since 2011
year-max-linearx2 Statistic: ndvi-linearx2 maximum over every year since 2011
absol-min-linearx2 Statistic: ndvi-linearx2 overall minimum 1 file
absol-max-linearx2 Statistic: ndvi-linearx2 overall maximum 1 file
baresoil-linearx2 Bare-soil indicator from ndvi-linearx2 since 1/1/2011
diff-lineax2 Anomaly: Absolute Difference. (ndv – 10davg-linearx2) since 1/1/2011
vci Anomaly: VCI (ndv vs. linearx2 statistics) since 1/1/2011
icn Anomaly: ICN (ndv vs. linearx2 statistics) since 1/1/2011