Oct 19, 2021

Climate activism: Creative tools for behavior and policy change

Type: Webinar
Location: Zoom
Start Date: 19 Oct, 2021 09:00 AM
End Date: 19 Oct, 2021 12:00 PM
Timezone: GMT+03:00 Africa/Nairobi

Activism has always been a driving force of change. Changes in policies, laws or behaviors often had at their roots strong citizen mobilisation around a cause. But what are the keys to success to influence policy? Which type of advocacy do we need to do to change laws? Which kind of marketing strategies lead to changes in behaviours?

This training aims at bringing together leading organizations in Climate activism, advocacy, and behavioral change with the Youth, Media and Non Governmental Organizations from Eastern Africa to discuss the key to behavior and policy change for Climate Action.

This event is part of a Climate Action Action campaign that ICPAC is undertaking on the run up to COP26. The campaign builds on the UNFCCC Climate Action Awards (Climate Neutral Now) and aims at showcasing successful solutions that can accelerate the transition to low carbon economies in Eastern Africa.

The campaign is part of a wide effort to mobilise climate action and ambition, as governments work toward implementing the Paris Climate Change Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals and to increase the visibility of African solutions.


Thandile Chinyavanhu

Thandile Chinyavanhu

Climate and energy campaigner Greenpeace Africa

Topic: Experiences Campaigning and lobbying for Climate Action

Thandile Chinyavanhu is an environmental and social activist. She is a climate and energy campaigner for Greenpeace Africa. She writes about public health, energy access, climate mitigation and the gendered impact of climate change. She aspires to amplify the message of the climate emergency and influence state actors to priorities climate and social justice in economic redress.

Carina Mutschele

Carina Mutschele

Youth, Education and Advocacy Officer UNEP

Topic: Race to Zero for Universities and Colleges

Carina Mütschele is a Youth, Education and Advocacy Officer at UNEP who focuses mainly on formal education initiatives including engaging youth and higher education partners through the Youth and Education Alliance (YEA!) and working on a variety of higher education focused initiatives such as decarbonizing higher education through the Race to Zero for Universities and Colleges, greening campuses, influencing behaviour change on campuses, as well as driving curriculum change and biodiversity focused initiatives.

Carina has also supported UNEP’s non-formal education workstream around initiatives such as Earth School, which was launched within 2 weeks alongside TED-Ed to deliver 30 nature-focused lessons to young people across the globe, the Playing for the Planet Alliance, which works with the video gaming industry, and the Tide Turners Plastic Challenge Badge, which seeks to empower young people to become change-makers in their communities. Carina is passionate about environmental education and strives to identify opportunities and develop partnerships that can help to nurture a love for nature within the minds and hearts of young people around the world and build the climate-resilient future we all need.

Bryan Michuki

Bryan Michuki

Communications and Youth Officer UNEP

Topic: Empowering the leaders of tomorrow through shifting behaviour and turning the tide on plastic pollution

Bryan Michuki is an experienced Communications and Youth Officer with a demonstrated history of working in youth programs who is keen to make a difference.
I am The Full-time optimist, a passionate human being on matters Youth, Environment and a wildlife warrior.
I studied International Relations at United States International University-Africa; I truly believe in the youth being the leaders of today, and no longer are we the leaders of tomorrow and I take every opportunity to make sure that the youth know this in every way possible.

I am leading a project called the “Tide Turners Plastic Challenge Badge”  which seeks to increase awareness and educate young people on challenges and solutions related to the production and waste of single-use plastics. Since February 2019, over 400,000 young people have started the badge in over thirty-two countries in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.

Charity Migwi

Charity Migwi

350 Africa team 350 Org

Topic: Campaigning on Ending Fossil Fuel Finance & Providing Climate Finance

Charity Migwi is an environmental and climate activist from Kenya, and is the Regional Campaigner at 350Africa.org. She has a background in communications and has worked with various conservation and environmental governance organizations keen on integrating climate change solutions to create a healthier, safer and more sustainable planet. Charity joined 350.org in 2020 to champion effective campaigns that bring hope, power and dignity to the people of Africa. Since she joined the 350Africa team, Charity has been at the center of fighting for a fossil-free Africa and keeping finance away from fossil fuel projects in the continent. Her role has also been instrumental in incorporating alternative solutions requisite for the development of Africa like focusing on a Just Transition and embracing Renewable Energy.

Fredrick Mugira

Fredrick Mugira

Founder Water Journalists Africa and Cofounder InfoNile Info Nile

Topic: Geo-journalism, mapping data and establishing networks of journalists

Fredrick Mugira is a Ugandan multiple award-winning water and climate change journalist, media trainer and development communication specialist with over 10 years of wide-ranging experience.

He has reported from various countries in Africa, Europe, Asia and USA. Fredrick has won various continental and national journalism awards including: the prestigious CNN/Multichoice African Journalist award; the UN Development Journalism Award; the 2018 and 2015 Climate Change Media Partnership (CCMP) fellowships. He was also shortlisted for the Energy/Water journalism Lifetime Achievement award at the Africa Utility awards 2018.

He heads Water Journalists Africa, a network of over 700 journalists in 50 African countries who report on water. He cofounded InfoNile, a geojournalism platform mapping data on water issues in the Nile River basin with journalism stories to promote transboundary peace.