Nov 14, 2022

The Role of Early Warning, Anticipatory Action & Effective Communication for Resilience Building COP 27 side event

Type: Climate Forum
Location: COP27 Sharm el-Sheikh: Blue Zone, Hatshepsut Room / Livestream on YouTube
Start Date: 14 Nov, 2022 03:00 PM
Timezone: GMT+02:00 Africa/Cairo

This event will explore what early warning, anticipatory actions and effective communication for resilience and adaptation look like in Eastern Africa, and how decision-makers at various levels, including communities, can be engaged in the production of climate services and disaster risk management.

It will showcase the importance of developing early warning systems; enable audiences to think critically about how to co-produce robust warnings and anticipatory actions that respond to people’s needs; seek to overcome barriers to effective communication; and explore what that looks like in practice and on the ground for affected communities.