Virtual Ministerial Conference on the Sustainable Management of Desert Locusts and other Transboundary Pests in the IGAD Region

June 17, 2021, 2 p.m. (GMT+03:00 Africa/Nairobi)

IGAD is organising a virtual Ministerial conference on the sustainable management of desert locusts and other transboundary pests in the IGAD Region on Thursday June 17th 2021.

The meeting will facilitate consensus building on a set of actionable recommendations around a desirable setting in the Greater Horn of Africa and neighboring countries to monitor, prevent and respond to future desert locust and other transboundary pest outbreaks. It is important that IGAD Member States initiate the building of consensus on the steps toward a sustainable management system for desert locusts and ultimately other transboundary pests.

Expected participants include: IGAD, Ministers of Agriculture from IGAD Member States and desert locust source/breeding countries (Yemen and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), regional technical partners (FAO, CRC, DLCO-EA, other UN Agencies and NGOs), regional development partners (WB, AFD, USAID, EU, FSDO, etc.)

Prior to this conference, IGAD, in collaboration with its development partners, conducted a series of regional meetings and conferences during the first two quarters of 2020 and early 2021 on the topic of desert locust. Proceedings of the last two meetings can be accessed here: Day 1 (passcode: Chi&5c2k) and Day 2 (passcode: @M8#Q&RQ).

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