Oct 11, 2021

Workshop on Stakeholder Engagement for User Interface Platforms (UIPs) in Agriculture and Water Sectors

Type: Workshop
Location: Fairway Boutique Hotel, Kampala- Uganda
Start Date: 11 Oct, 2021 08:00 AM
End Date: 15 Oct, 2021 04:00 PM
Timezone: GMT+03:00 Africa/Kampala

The ClimSA Project, aims at supporting the climate information services value chain in the IGAD region with technical and financial assistance, infrastructure and capacity building. The climate services value chain presents an idealized model of the value creation process. It starts with the generation and provision of weather and climate data from ICPAC/ UNMA, and ending with the improved decision-making by different types of users. If the value chain operates well, investments in producing climate information will result in societal benefits, such as improved preparedness to extreme climatic events. It also encourages feedback and continues improvement and interaction. This, explains why the User Interface Platform (UIP) strengthened by effective stakeholder mapping is a crucial element in the provision of climate at national and sub-national levels.

The workshop seeks to:

  • Identify the stakeholders at all levels and their roles in agriculture & food security, and water & energy sectors
  • Identify existing and new climate user interface platforms (UIPs) in agriculture & food security, and water & energy sectors
  • Develop the Uganda climate User Interface Platforms action plan for agriculture and water sectors