Food Security Statement May 2021

May 2021
  • An estimated 65.1 million people in 10 of the 13 countries covered by the FSNWG were highly food insecure (IPC2 Phase 3+) and in need of urgent assistance in May 2021. Of these, about 34.2 million were from seven of the eight IGAD Member States.
  • Below average March-May 2021 rains risk a second consecutive season of drought in parts of Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. Generally, food insecurity is expected to deteriorate across many parts of the region, aggravated by a poor March-May 2021 production.
  • Conflict and insecurity, the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19, depressed rains, and high food and water prices continue to aggravate malnutrition in the region. Ethiopia and South Sudan remain major sources of concern.
  • The humanitarian situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia remains grave as available information points to critical levels of acute food insecurity and malnutrition. Exacerbating the situation is access challenges that are adversely affecting the delivery of humanitarian and other essential services.
  • Funding shortfalls continue to affect refugee response in the region. Over 3.4 million refugees, or three-quarters of the refugee population in the region, have been affected by food ration cuts linked to funding shortfalls, risking a deterioration in their food security and nutrition situation.
  • Wetter than usual conditions are forecasted over Eritrea, much of northern Ethiopia, western Kenya, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda during the June-September (JJAS) 2021 rainfall season. JJAS is an important agricultural season in the northern states of IGAD as it marks the start of most agricultural activities. Good crop prospects are thus likely.
Tags: food security , Nutrition