August 2020



Temperature forecast
  • Warmer than usual mean-temperatures are expected over much of Tanzania, southern areas of Burundi, eastern and southern parts of Kenya, Somalia, central and south-eastern Ethiopia, western border and north-eastern areas of South Sudan, part of Djibouti and northern regions of Sudan.
  • The usual mean-temperatures are expected over southern Tanzania, northern Burundi, Rwanda, western Uganda, the southern border of South Sudan, and localised areas in western Ethiopia. 
  • Cooler than usual mean-temperatures are expected in some parts of southern Sudan, central South Sudan, eastern Ethiopia, eastern Uganda, and western Kenya.
Rainfall forecast
  • Wetter than usual conditions expected over Kenya, Uganda, much of South Sudan, Sudan, much of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, southern and northern parts of Somalia, Rwanda, Burundi, and western and northern parts of Tanzania. In particular, the cross border area between Ethiopia, South Sudan and Kenya, western Darfur in Sudan, and southern Tanzania.