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ICPAC SHEAR Learning Event Report

Aug. 2, 2021

The SHEAR Learning Event on Operationalization and Sustainability of Prototype Products was organized by ICPAC in collaboration with KMD, KRCS and UNMA between 30-31 March 2021. The event aimed to share and learn from experiences in co-production and service development across the region. It was held virtually and attended by over 65 participants representing both climate information producer and user communities. The event was supported by ForPAc project through its SHEAR Integration and Impact Fund projects (INFORMETs, INFORM and L2CP). New and improved climate services developed across several recent and ongoing climate programmes were reviewed and discussed. Key lessons learned were identified and recommendations for future activities were prepared, focusing on the role of co-production in service development and possible avenues for institutionalization and operationalization of the products.