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January to March 2022



Temperature forecast

  • Warmer than usual temperatures are expected over much of the region with the highest chances over most of Ethiopia, Djibouti, north-eastern Kenya, and southern Somalia.
  • Normal temperature conditions are likely over cross border areas of Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, and Uganda as well as in parts of western Kenya and central Tanzania
Rainfall forecast (Total mm)

  • Wetter than usual conditions expected over much of Kenya and Tanzania, southern Uganda, parts of eastern Burundi, and Rwanda. 
  • Drier than usual conditions are expected over north-eastern parts of Ethiopia. 
  • Usual conditions are expected over western Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi, and central parts of Tanzania.
  • The rest of the regions including Sudan, South Sudan, most parts of Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and Somalia are expected to remain dry.