Scholarship: Master of Science in Meteorology Scholarship Announcement Under the Intra-ACP Climate Services and Related Applications (CLIMSA)

Posted On:
15 Apr 2021
Closing On:
15 May 2021, 17:00
Duty Station:
24 months from September 2021

Master of Science in Meteorology Scholarship Announcement under the Intra-ACP Climate Services and Related Applications (ClimSA) – Support to ICPAC Programme


The Horn of Africa (HA) region has a highly variable climate and is prone to climate extremes such as droughts and floods that exacerbate food and water insecurity. Economies and livelihoods of the HA countries (Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, and Uganda) are dependent on rain-fed agriculture that is highly sensitive to weather as well as climate variability and change. Reliable and timely regional climate information, including current and future assessments of climate variability and change, is essential in designing effective strategies for managing risks and adapting to climate variability and change.

To strengthen the capacity of HA region in a sustainable way while addressing the youth and gender specificities and contributions in climate sciences and operations, a masters scholarship programme has been set-up to support postgraduate students to attend regional academic institutions. The master’s scholarship programme is supported by the Intra-ACP Climate Services and Related Applications programme.

Programme Background

The Intra-ACP Climate Services and Related Applications (ClimSA) support to IGAD Climate Prediction and Applications Centre (ICPAC) is a direct grant award by the 11th European Development Fund to support the climate information services value chain in the IGAD region with technical and financial assistance, infrastructure and capacity building to improve wide access and use of climate information, and to enable and encourage the generation and use of climate services and applications for decision-making processes at all levels.

The overall objective of the Action is to contribute to fostering sustainable development in the Horn of Africa region by addressing the gaps and mainstreaming climate services into policy processes at regional, national and sub-national levels. It will also promote planning and decision making in the region through increased use of improved,
reliable, quality and accessible weather and climate services regionally and nationally (via strengthened capacities of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services).

The specific objectives of this Action are to:

  1. Ensure improved interaction between the users, researchers and climate services providers in the IGAD region through structured and strengthened User Interface Platforms (UIPs);
  2. Guarantee the provision of climate services at regional and national levels;
  3. Expand access to climate information;
  4. Enhance the capacity to generate and apply climate information and products; and
  5. Mainstream climate services into policy processes at regional and national levels.

Objectives of the Scholarship Award

The objective of the scholarship award is to equip the candidates with the necessary theoretical knowledge, practical skills and competencies in the science of meteorology and its applications.

The fellowship grants will require the students to be engaged at ICPAC to acquire practical experience for four to six months after the finalization of their studies. The aim of the attachment is to help the students build their experience and also contribute to the climate services agenda at ICPAC.

Eligibility Criteria and Required Documents

All interested applicants are expected to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. A degree in Meteorology OR any science-based discipline with a Postgraduate Diploma in Meteorology.
  2. Be working at the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NHMSs) in the IGAD Member States.
  3. Be willing to study in a University outside their home country with a modest stipend.
  4. Undertake a research project in the area of weather and climate forecasting and/or its applications in socio-economic sectors.
  5. Be below 35 years of age at the time of application and must be a citizen of one of the IGAD member states.

For your application to be considered, the following documents must be submitted

  1. Certified academic credentials;
  2. Two recommendation letters, one from the country permanent representative (PR) with WMO and the other from academic mentor in support of the application;
  3. Commitment letter from the employer that he/she will work in his/her own institution for at least two (2) years upon completion of the study;
  4. Motivation letter expressing their interest in the scholarship;
  5. Curriculum Vitae; and
  6. Copy of Passport.


The following timelines shall apply:

  1. 15 April - 15 May 2021: Advertisement on IGAD webpage
  2. 16 May – 15 June 2021: Selection, interview and communicating the outcome to successful candidates
  3. 16 June – 31 July 2021: Processing of admission for study programmes
  4. September 2021: Expected commencement of Masters programme

Duration of the Scholarship

The scholarship will be for a maximum duration of 24 months from September 2021

Gender and Country Balance

The consideration of Gender and Country balance will be based on IGAD policies.

Application procedure

Interested candidates should send a motivation letter, two recommendation letters, admission letter (if available) and certified copies of their academic credentials by 15 May 2021 to with a copy to