02 - 09 April 2024



Heavy rainfall

Exceptional rainfall

  • Heavy rainfall (reaching top 10% on record) expected over eastern and western parts of Tanzania, as well as parts of south-eastern Ethiopia and north-eastern Uganda. 
  • Heavy rainfall (reaching top 10% on record) expected over eastern and western parts of Tanzania, and parts of south-eastern Ethiopia.
Floods update

Floods Update

  • Very heavy rainfall is likely to lead to flooding in parts of Kenya, southern and parts of central to northern Ethiopia, and northern Tanzania.
Rainfall forecast (anomalies)

Rainfall anomalies

  • Wetter than usual conditions expected over most parts of the equatorial and southern regions.  
Temperature forecast (Anomalies)

Temperature anomalies

  • Warmer than usual temperatures predicted over most parts of the region. 
  • Cooler than usual temperatures forecast over central to eastern parts of South Sudan and isolated areas in Kenya, northern Uganda and Central Ethiopia. 
Temperature forecast

Mean temperatures

  • High temperatures (above 32℃) expected over isolated areas in center-north and north-eastern South Sudan, isolated regions in north-eastern Ethiopia, and parts of southern Sudan. 
  • Moderate to high temperatures (20-32℃) expected over most parts of South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea, western and eastern Ethiopia and Sudan.   
  • Mild temperature conditions (less than 20℃) expected over central to north-western and south-eastern Ethiopia Highlands, central Kenya, western regions of Rwanda and Burundi, and isolated areas in southern Tanzania. 
Heat Stress

Heat Stress

  • Elevated levels of heat stress expected in most parts of South Sudan, north-western and eastern parts of the Greater Horn of Africa Region.  
Rainfall forecast

Total rainfall

  • Heavy rainfall (more than 200 mm) expected over few areas in southern Tanzania and western parts of Kenya. 
  • Moderate rainfall (50-200mm) expected over most parts of Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Kenya, southern to central South Sudan, and central to south-western Ethiopia.  
  • Light rainfall (less than 50 mm) expected in central to northern South Sudan, southern Sudan, Lake Victoria Basin, isolated areas of northern Kenya, central Somalia, and eastern parts of Ethiopia.  
  • Dry conditions expected over Sudan, north-western and south-eastern Ethiopia, central to northern Somalia and most parts of Eritrea.