Eastern Africa Crop Monitor, 6

December 2019

Climate: Climatic season predictions forecasted early rains, higher rainfall and higher temperatures in the October-December season in most parts of the region (see OND predictions). The season has been characterized by the early rains and above normal rains. Notably, a tropical storm in the Horn of Africa region has cause rains and flooding in parts of Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and Djibouti. From the beginning of the season to end of November, most parts of the region have already recorded wetter than normal conditions.

Crops: The Eastern Africa region is currently under different crop stages; harvest in the northern sub-region and planting to vegetative stages in equatorial and southern regions. Most crop regions are under favourable conditions as per November 2019 assessments due to above average rains experienced in most parts of the region. Excessive rainfall due to tropical storm in the Horn of Africa has cause flooding and the impacts on crops will be established in December and January assessments.

Trade: Regional trade was key in improving supply of grains, specifically maize, beans and rice in the urban markets in Kenya as domestic stocks remained low in most of the production regions. Trade between Uganda and Rwanda was still hampered by the ongoing disputes between the two countries. October towards the end of the year, grain prices are relatively stable as compared to the previous month. In Kenya, maize prices are expected to go down due to the harvest season, which will see increased supply to markets. Maize prices in Tanzania still were firmly high, owed to domestic demand and increased regional demand from the South African countries.

Tags: Agriculture , Earth Observation