Eastern Africa Crop Monitor, 5

July 2019

Climate: March, April and May was characterized by below average, delayed start and poor performance rainfall in equatorial part of the region and delayed rainfall for June start of the season in northern region. This has an impact on agriculture with up to estimated 30-50% reduced crop yields due to irregular rains at critical stages of crop development.

Crops: The crop season was characterized by an aborted start in western equatorial part of the region and late rains in northern and eastern regions. This led to delay to planting and replanting in some parts of Uganda and western Kenya. In central Kenya and southern Somalia majority of the crops are currently in late vegetative and reproductive stage while in an average season should be in ripening and harvest stage. Tanzania which is in the end of the season has gone through a production deficit caused by dry spells and irregular rainfall distribution in high production areas.

Trade: In the second quarter, shortfalls in supply was noted in most markets in Uganda and Kenya resulting to significant increase in prices. In Burundi and Rwanda, prices of grain staples were relatively stable owing to improved availabilities from the second season harvest. In Tanzania, the msimu season harvest began in May for most grain staples with prices remaining stable amid increased regional demand. Prices are expected to trend seasonally but above last year’s levels in Uganda and Kenya for maize and beans. In Tanzania, Uganda and Burundi, prices of maize and beans are likely to trend below the five year average due to ample stocks in the markets through the end of the year.

Tags: Agriculture , Earth Observation