Dec 02, 2021

Inter-Regional Platform for the Management of Desert Locust and Other Transboundary Pests

Type: Meeting
Location: Zoom
Start Date: 02 Dec, 2021 09:00 AM
Timezone: GMT+03:00 Africa/Nairobi

As part of the kick-off phase of the project, IGAD, through the Project Coordination Unit in ICPAC, plans to organize an official launch of the project followed by an inception meeting. The launch will be held online and attended by various project stakeholders both direct and indirect while the inception meeting will be limited to direct project beneficiaries such as IGAD member states, specialized institutions, and other countries likely to be affected by the project.


  1. To engage with IGAD Secretariat and its specialized institutions, the IGAD Member States and partners to identify additional priority areas in the management of transboundary pests for alignment of efforts both at national and regional levels.
  2. To introduce and share project details with the various stakeholders.
  3. To discuss and get feedback on key project documents such as the project annual work plan, stakeholder engagement plan, and project implementation manual, and key deliverables.