Building Capacities for Disaster Risk Reduction using Geospatial Technologies in the Greater Horn of Africa Region

Geospatial Technologies for Disaster Risk Reduction

East Africa is a region at risk of multiple disasters including drought, floods and complex emergencies. The application of Geographic Information Technologies (GIT) is fundamental for reducing the effects of such disasters and increasing community resilience.

UNITAR and IGAD have partnered to build capacities in the use of Geographic Information Technologies for timely, objective and cost-efficient disaster preparedness and response.

Our Areas of Work

Technical Training

The project builds capacity of technical staff from different institution in the IGAD region (IGAD specialized agencies & Government ministries that work in Disaster Risk Reduction) on the uses and applications of Geospatial Information Technologies (GIT) for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). The project is implemented by ICPAC in collaboration with UNITAR’s Operational Satellite Applications Programme (UNOSAT).

Technical backstopping

Improving service and data delivery for the IGAD Secretariat, IGAD specialised agencies and Government ministries that work in Disaster Risk Reduction (IGAD Member States). Support countries on data request, analysis, and software related issues.

Awareness raising

The project aims to improve the use of Geospatial Information Technologies (GIT) in regional decision making. It supports high-level awareness raising events on the importance of GIT for policy making, planning, advocacy and to support efficient interventions in Disaster Risk Reduction. The project also supports national workshops on flood and drought management, the development of a Spatial Decision Support System and live web maps that allow near real time climate hazard monitoring.

Key Outputs

  • 15 technical trainings
  • Workshops and information sharing events
  • Updated Geo-spatial data portal
  • Flood hazard map for the IGAD region at 90 meter resolution
  • Field data collection tool (IGAD-ASIGN)

% of beneficiaries by Organisational Affiliation from the trainings

  • 53% Regional organisations
  • 44% Government authorities
  • 3% Academic

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Latest Updates

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