Aug 25, 2020

GHACOF 56: Climate Services amidst COVID-19 and Multiple Climatic Risks

Type: Climate Forum
Location: ZOOM
Start Date: 25 Aug, 2020 09:00 AM
End Date: 26 Aug, 2020 01:30 PM
Timezone: GMT+03:00 Africa/Nairobi
  • GHACOF 56 Sector group meetings: 25th Aug 2020 9am to 1:00 pm
  • GHACOF 56 Plenary: 26 Aug 2020, 9 am - 26 Aug 2020, 1.30 pm

Seasonal Forecast for October to December (OND) 2020

The Fifty Sixth Greater Horn of Africa Climate Outlook Forum (GHACOF 56), will virtually bring together climate scientists, researchers, users from key socio-economic sectors, governmental and non-governmental organisations, development partners, decision-makers, and civil society stakeholders among others.

The main Forum will be held through Zoom in one plenary meeting with presentations and discussion on 26th August.

Sector specific workshops to validate past performance and generate implications and responses to the OND forecast will be conducted through Zoom in parallel sessions on the 25th August.

All Participants attending on 26th are expected to join one of the Sector meetings on 25th:

  • Agriculture and Food Security
  • Livestock and Rangelands
  • Energy and Water Resources
  • Health
  • Climate Change
  • Conflict early warning
  • Disaster Risk Management
  • Climate Change

The Forum will be preceded by an online capacity building training workshop for climate experts from the participating National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) from the 17th to 21st of August 2020, followed by a co-production workshop for the Water and Agriculture sectors on the 24th of August 2020 as well as the Pre COF workshop for all sectors on the 25th of August 2020.

The main objectives of the forum to be held on 26 August 2020 will be to:

  • Present the forecast for the October to December 2020 season
  • Present implications of the climate forecast and response strategies
  • Provide a regional interaction platform for decision makers, climate scientists, users of climate information and development partners
  • Release of the seasonal forecast

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