GHACOF56: Seasonal Forecast October, November, December 2020

Theme: Climate Services amidst COVID-19 and Multiple Climatic Risks

Date: 25 Aug 2020 09:00 - 26 Aug 2020 13:30

Venue: Zoom

Seasonal forecasts for Eastern Africa

Greater Horn of Africa Climate Outlook Forums bring together climate scientists, meteorologists and experts from multiple sectors to evaluate potential impacts of the seasonal forecast and co-produce mitigation measures.

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Technical Statement


Aug. 26, 2020 - Forecast, Verification and Other GHACOF56 presentations

All the Presentations presented during GHACOF56, except for the sectoral working groups presentations.

Aug. 26, 2020 - Agriculture and Food Security

Presentations from the Agriculture and Food Security working group.

Aug. 26, 2020 - Disaster Risk Management

Presentations from the Disaster Risk Management working group

Aug. 26, 2020 - Livestock

Presentations by the Livestock working group

Aug. 26, 2020 - Health

Presentations by the Health working group

Aug. 26, 2020 - Water Resources

Presentations by the Water Resources working group

Aug. 26, 2020 - Conflict and Early Warning

Presentations by the Conflict and Early Warning working group

Aug. 26, 2020 - Climate Change

Presentations by the Climate Change working group