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The Food Security and Nutrition Working Group (FSNWG) is a regional platform, currently co-chaired by ICPAC and FAO. It’s goal is two-fold: to provide an up-to-date food security and nutrition situation analysis (early warning) and to offer a forum to build consensus on critical issues facing policy and interventions. The FNSWG has served regional governments, donors, and non-governmental agencies since the early 2000’s. Current membership includes approximately 80 organisations (IGAD, UN agencies, NGOs, donors, and research institutions) who contribute to the operation of the working group, and its nutrition, markets, food security information, livestock and pastoralist sub-groups.

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Preventing the looming humanitarian catastrophe in Sudan as the lean season begins
4 78

Humanitarian needs in Sudan have reached new, alarming highs and are likely to escalate steeply during the lean season. As millions already face acute food insecurity and malnutrition, and with millions more expected to see …

Food Security and nutrition snapshot: February 2024
2 32

In February 2024, an estimated 74 million people in the region were highly food insecure and in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. This includes 58.2 million people, according to an IPC analysis of 10 of …

Food Security Statement: January 2024 update
14 419
  • High levels of acute food insecurity persisted in various parts of the region, following El Niño-induced heavy rains and flooding during the 2023 October-December (OND) rainfall season, particularly in the Horn of Africa, compounded by …
East Africa cross-border trade bulletin for January 2024
30 430

The Market Analysis Sub-group of the Food Security and Nutrition Working Group (FSNWG) monitors informal cross-border trade of 88 food commodities and livestock in eastern Africa in order to quantify the impact on regional food …

Recommendations from the IGAD Bi-annual Meeting on Food Security and Nutrition
5 65

The IGAD Food Security, Nutrition and Resilience Analysis Hub (IFRAH), in collaboration with the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification Global Support Unit (IPC-GSU) for East and Central Africa, convened the eighth IGAD Bi-annual Meeting on …

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Special Report: El Niño and Positive Indian Ocean Dipole to have Significant Multi-Sectoral Impacts in East Africa
66 780

While El Niño events often receive the most global attention, El Niño/La Niña is not the only climate driver that is important for potential rainfall outcomes in East Africa between September and December. A positive …

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