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The Food Security and Nutrition Working Group (FSNWG) is a regional platform, currently co-chaired by ICPAC and FAO. It’s goal is two-fold: to provide an up-to-date food security and nutrition situation analysis (early warning) and to offer a forum to build consensus on critical issues facing policy and interventions. The FNSWG has served regional governments, donors, and non-governmental agencies since the early 2000’s. Current membership includes approximately 80 organisations (IGAD, UN agencies, NGOs, donors, and research institutions) who contribute to the operation of the working group, and its nutrition, markets, food security information, livestock and pastoralist sub-groups.

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East Africa Crossborder Trade Bulletin January 2022
24 401
  • Maize remained the most traded food commodity in the East Africa region in the fourth quarter of 2021, followed by rice, wheat flour, sugar, sorghum, and dry beans respectively.
  • Maize and dry bean trade were …
FSNWG Special Report on Drought
280 1095

  • The performance of the 2021 October-December “short rains/Deyr” rainy season was extremely poor, characterized by a delayed onset of seasonal rains, an erratic temporal distribution, and below-average cumulative rainfall. Across much of the region, this …
Food Security Statement, January 2022
34 389

  • Parts of the region are experiencing moderate to severe drought conditions, largely driven by consecutive seasons of below-average rains. Southern and south-eastern Ethiopia, northern Kenya, and most of Somalia are the worst affected, with certain …
Food Security Alert, November 2021
104 446

In October 2021, FSNWG issued a food security alert calling for immediate action in response to expectations of rising food and nutrition insecurity linked to consecutive poor rainy seasons and forecasts for another poor season …

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Food Security Statement October 2021
9 117
  • About 56 million people in 10 of the 13 countries covered by the FSNWG were highly food insecure (IPC2 Phase 3+) and in need of urgent assistance in October 2021. Of these, about 27 million …
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East Africa Regional Desert Locust Impact Monitoring Report: Round 3
42 256

Since June 2020, the Food Security and Nutrition Working Group (FSNWG) had been conducting periodic regional Desert Locust impact assessments among agricultural respondents across Desert Locust (DL) - affected areas of Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and …

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