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The Power of Radio to Bridge the Gap of Traditional Forecasting Under a Changing Climate



By Emebet A. Jigssa and Collison Lorez

Contributions by ICPAC’s Climate Change Working Group

The weather forecast is a crucial component for decision making and ameliorating vulnerability of small-holder farmers in East Africa, where …

29 Sep 2020 Read More
Alerts and Early Warning
Alerts and Early Warning
Desert Locust Projection September 2020

ICPAC GMES Desert Locust  Risk Prediction Sept2020 GIF.gif

Projected impact on food and fodder production

  • Pastures and crop destruction continue to be reported mostly in Ethiopia and Somalia.
  • The risk of significant impact to both crops and rangelands is very high due to …
04 Sep 2020 Read More
Press Release
Press Release
Climate prediction as mitigation for East African food safety


In 2017 Eastern Africa was hit by a drought. In 2019 parts of the same area was struck by floods after large bouts of rain in a short period of time. Both outcomes led to …

01 Sep 2020 Read More
Africa, COVID-19 and Climate Change — What can we Expect?

By Yvonne Maingey

Contributions by ICPAC’s Climate Change Working Group

covid economy climate .jpg

© Cristina Daura

The huge economic, health, and societal ramifications of COVID-19 has set the whole world back in its efforts to achieve the sustainable …

01 Sep 2020 Read More
Press Release
Press Release
Dry and warm season expected across Eastern Africa (October - December 2020)

Nairobi, 26 of August, 2020: October to December is an important rainfall season for Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, and southeaster Ethiopia. A drier than usual season is expected in most parts of the …

26 Aug 2020 Read More
Urban Farming: Providing Solutions to Cope with COVID-19 and Adapt to Climate Change

By Dr Monica Nderitu, Contributions by ICPAC Climate Change Technical Working Group


Increased utilisation of space for food crops (Source: Food and Agricultural Organisation)

As the world grapples with impacts of climate variability and change, …

12 Aug 2020 Read More